Press and Commentaries

“For quite some years I followed the artistic development of Charles Ngatia and I am impressed by the way he goes forward. He has a sure feeling for the selection of paints and excels in their unusual composition. Again and again I am captured by the dense atmosphere of his paintings. Bright or melancholy – the mood expressed by his paintings is directly transferred to me as the viewer”.

     Karin Staerk, artist

About 15 years ago I bought my first Ngatia painting. A small wildebeest, only 15 x 20 cm, but it was somehow special, of an attraction difficult to explain. My friends saw it likewise. “Exceptional, off the beaten track,” was their spontaneous reaction. In the meantime they all do have one or more Ngatias in their homes. And so do I. It is his extraordinary sensibility for the effectiveness of paints that makes you fall in love with his works: individual, dedicated to experiments an din no way mainstream”.

                                      Soli Dreckmann, journalist

“When you see his pictures, you will not believe that he grew up in a Kenyan slum. The first thing you think of is the Caribbean – its tranquil, sea washed side – because of the summer colours of blue, yellow, green and pink as well as the sand he uses for his paintings, mostly oil on canvas”.

Lia Venn, The Nation, 2009

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